The Most Important Shot In Golf Is The Next One.

We offer Private, semi-private or group lessons in our PGA Tour Simulators with our PGA Teaching Professionals.

We have video analysis software from K-Vest available upon request to get an in depth look at your golf swing. The K-Vest is the latest 3D animation and video technology in the field! This Technology Will Help You Understand Your Golf Swing, Help You Learn Faster, and Become a Better All Around Player. Click On The Link To Learn More About K-Vest and How You Can Benefit From This Technology.

Looking to up your putting game?  Ask us about our SAM Putt Lab.  SAM Putt Lab is the worlds  most accurate and comprehensive putt analysis and training system.43% of your golf shots are your putting strokes, though it is not a focused training aspect of the game in most cases. You are able to get a full analysis and most importantly specific training tools.

For more information on pricing and availability please contact a PGA Teaching Professional

Ben Stone – Assistant PGA Professional at Derryfield Country Club

Cory Mansfield – Head PGA Professional at Derryfield Country Club
Ian Willikens – PGA Teaching Professional, PGA Junior Coach

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