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Men's In and Out League

  • The cost is $250.00 per player ($31.25 per player per week) which includes all fees and prize money. This is for the 8 weeks, does not include league extension
  • League payments will be required to be PAID IN FULL the first week of league
  • OPTIONAL: $40.00 CASH for the Closest to the Pin Contest


The league will be made up of two man teams and will be played on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4pm- 10pm, Fridays 4pm – 8pm and Saturday 8am-10am.

League Starts: Monday January 10th

The format will be a Four-Ball Stroke Play (two ball best ball) Gross and Net accumulative totals. The winning team(s) will be determined by the team with the lowest 8-week total.

  • Play will be from the Blue Tees, White tees are allowed for 60 years of age or older.
  • Each week each team will play nine holes during the same time slot with one other team.
  • The cost is $250.00 per player ($31.25 per player per week) which includes all fees and prize money. League dues must be paid in full before the start of league or the first week of league.
  • Prize money will be awarded as CASH at the conclusion of league. Results and prize money will be posted within 2 weeks of the conclusion of League.
  • In the event of a tie, we will follow USGA 9,6,3,1 match of cards to establish a winner.
  • Handicaps will be determined by using your year end GHIN Index. Every two weeks your index will be adjusted by using the most recent scores posted during league play. If you played in last year’s league and do not have a GHIN index, then you will begin the year with the handicap you finished with last year. If you are new to league and do not have a GHIN index you will start at a 0, we will establish a handicap for you after 2 weeks and your first 2 week scores will be adjusted.
  • Weekly results and standings will be posted on the web site at the end of each week at
  • Substitutes will be allowed but they must hold a GHIN Card from 2021 season or will be required to play at scratch. When possible, please inform us of any substitute prior to when you arrive for your league time.

** A substitute list with contact information is posted on the bulletin board, if you are looking for someone

  • There will be a Closest to the Pin Contest each week. It will start Week 1 and run all 8 weeks. If you would like to participate we ask you to bring $40.00 CASH week 1 ($5.00 each week). CTP will be on a Par 3 hole at the course you are playing that week, you will have 1 shot and only 1 shot. Based off entries last year, I plan to pay 6-8 spots each week. 
  • All rounds will start on the time scheduled. If one or more players are late, they can start on the hole the players are on once he or they show up. If there is time at the end of the round on the timer, the late player(s) may finish the holes they didn’t play. 
  • MAKE UP ROUNDS: If you are not able to play your round on your scheduled day/time you may schedule a different time or day. This round must be made up prior to the next Index update (Index update is every 2 weeks). You will also be required to pay the weekly hourly fee of $45.00 (weekend is $50/hour)

*** Your $250.00 league dues does not include make up rounds.

****The only exception for makeups is if we are closed due to weather in which the makeup will be played on week 9 after the regular season

  • There will be a timer on for all play. The timer will be set to 1:45 minutes. If your time is up and you are on the 18th hole we will give you an additional 5 minutes. Any holes not finished will receive double bogey

** There is no negotiation in extended time, players need to finish on time to allow for staff  to prepare for the next group and to not affect the nexts group time.




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