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Men's In and Out League

 –    The cost is $240.00 per player ($30.00 per player per week) which includes all fees and prize money. A minimum deposit of $100.00 per team will be required when registering your team. The balance must be paid in full before the start of league or on week 1 of league


– An optional Closest to the Pin will be played each week for an additonal $5.00 Cash.


The league will be made up of two man teams and will be played on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoon / evenings Starting Monday January 6th and will run for eight (8) weeks through Friday February 28th.

The format will be a Four-Ball Stroke Play (two ball best ball) Gross and Net accumulative totals. The winning team(s) will be determined by the team with the lowest 8-week total.

          Each week each team will play nine holes during the same time slot with one other team.

        Prize money will be awarded as CASH  at the conclusion of league. Approximate pay outs will be posted once all the teams are set.

        Handicaps will be determined by using your year end GHIN Index. Every two weeks your index will be adjusted by using the most recent scores posted during league play. If you played last in last year’s league and do not have a GHIN index, then you will begin the year with the handicap you finished with last year.

–     Men 65 years and older will play from the White tees, and 65 years younger will play from the Blue tees

        Weekly results and standings will be posted on the web site each week at

        Substitutes will be allowed but they must hold a GHIN Card from 2019 or will be required to play at scratch.

        An optional nearest to pin contest will be held each week for $5.00. Based on entries we have been paying 1 to 12 places each week

        All rounds will be played on the night and time scheduled. If you cannot make the night and/or time that you scheduled, you may make up your round by scheduling a different time and night, but, you must pay the regular price of $40.00 per hour for the makeup. The only exception for makeups is if we are closed due to weather in which the makeup will be played on week 9 after the regular season.  You may have a substitute or substitutes take you spot if you can’t make your night.

           All rounds will start on the time scheduled. If one or more players are late, they can start on the hole the players are on once he or they show up. If there is time at the end of the round on the timer, the late player(s) may finish the holes they didn’t play.

 –  There will be a timer on for all play. The timer will be set to 1:45 minutes. The last 15 minutes can be used for the CTP contest. If you cannot finish in the 1:45 minutes, you may use the extra 15 minutes to finish the round but you cannot play in the CTP contest. If it takes your group more than 2 hours to play, Players not finished will receive double bogeys for the holes not finished and the round will end after 2:00 hours so the next players can start on time.

**Note: 4-somes will have 1:45 on the timer to start / 3-somes will have 1:25 on the timer to start / 2-somes will have 50 minutes on the timer to start. This leaves time for the CTP contest.


             A scorecard will be provided to each team. Please make sure you put all scores on the card for EACH PLAYER. This is important so we can update your handicaps every 2 weeks.  Make sure all scores are on the card before we clear the screen for the CTP contest since we cannot retrieve them once they are erased.

– 2 week Winter League Extension, starting Monday March 2nd and ending on Friday March 13th

– The Extension will be one event with both weeks added together, the cost will be $60.00 per player

– Format: 2man Point Quota with Takeaways

– Sign-ups for League Extension will take place Week 7 of regular season play (Week of February 17th).  If you alreayd know  you are not able to make week 7 but want to play in the league extension, call us at 603-625-1169 or email

-There will be no makeups during the extension weeks.  If you know you will not be able to attend a week, have a sub ready.  Other players from the league may be your sub!

– 2-somes may be put together with the same time and night if necessary.  This will be finalized after week 7

-ALL CASH PRIZES:  Earnings MUST be picked up within 2 weeks of league ending (end of March)

Men's In and Out League
League Extension Results

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